• Featured in Cosmopolitan

    About Master: "... it isn't a cylinder-shaped barrel that gives your hair the best curl. It's a rectangular one..." View Post
  • About Chopstick Styler: "The first thing that sets the Chopstick Styler apart from other tongs that I've used in the past is the fact that its square. Yes, unlike the round barrel of tradition curling tongs, the Chopstick Styler has edges to product a slightly squared-off curl, rather than a soft, round one." View Post
  • Featured in Mirror

    About Hero: " locks into a spiral better when it's wound round a rectangular rod rather than a round one" View Post
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    About Hero: "Easy to use, creates beachy curls within seconds and is affordable - this ticks every one of our hair styling boxes" View Post
  • Featured in New! Magazine

    About Hero: "It's WAND-ERFUL! This new styling wand is designed to create voluminous, tight fabulous curls.  View Post
  • Featured in Glamour magazine

    About Master: "I have NEVER seen a curler like this before. I've used both wands and tongs (with clips) before, but this is in its own league" View Post