How do I know if my order has been placed successfully?
You will get a confirmation email sent to you. 

How can I track my order?
You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking code/link once Amazon despatch your order.

How much does delivery cost?
Free delivery for all US orders 

How do I return an item or process a return?
You should email us on help@chopstickstyler.com and our customer support team will advise you. We offer free postage if any of our stylers are faulty. 

I purchased a Chopstick Styler from a retailer, how do I return my item?
Please return your Chopstick Styler to your retailer (if it’s under 1st year of warranty), they will either issue you with a full refund or replacement.

Do you ship internationally?
From ChopstickStyler.COM we only ship to USA

From ChopstickStyler.CO.UK we ship to the UK, Australia, Canada & EU.



How do I turn it on?
If your styler has a button (Hero, Long, Chunky or Master) you need to press it down for around 5 seconds until the light begins flashing. If there is a switch (Classic or No.1) simply push up to switch on/off. 

How long do the curls last?
Our Chopstick curls are guaranteed to last 3+ days. This is due to our unique, rectangular barrel technology. 

How should I angle the barrel?
For the best results angle your styler at 90 degrees. Never hold your chopstick upwards and always make sure to unwrap your curls in an anti-clockwise position.

Can Chopstick Styler work on shorter hair? 
Yes, shorter hair looks amazing curled using our Chopstick Stylers. 
Check out our Instagram for some daily inspo.

Is the Chopstick Styler suitable for thin hair?
Yes, Chopstick Styler is suitable for all hair types, textures and lengths. Chopstick is designed to create big hair volume, the perfect way to make thinner hair look thicker!

Can Chopstick Styler be used on wet/damp hair?
Unfortunately, Chopstick Stylers cannot be used on wet or damp hair, however once your hair is dry our stylers curl perfectly on freshly washed hair - bonus!

What are the benefits of titanium barrel compared to a ceramic barrel?
Titanium is a premium coating that has many benefits. By having metallic properties, titanium technology promotes faster heating while preserving moisture in the hair, so it retains hair’s natural beauty. Titanium is a very polished thus moves smoothly on hair, preventing tangling and ensuring your locks are protected from potential damages. Titanium also has anti-corrosion benefits thus designed for long term usage.Ceramic helps to smooth the hair, add shine and helps reduce frizz, it also encourages even heat distribution across the barrel.

What is the heat- up time?
Our stylers all have an extremely fast heat up time. 
Our No.1 Chopstick Styler heats up in 25 seconds to heat up to 250°F and the rest of our collection heats up under 35 seconds.

Does Chopstick have worldwide voltage?
Yes, Chopstick does have worldwide voltage. 

What plug points does Chopstick Styler have?
Chopstick Styler available in US only comes with 2 Pin US Plug.

There is a BS 3 Pin available for the UK and 2 Pin plug available for Europe on ChopstickStyler.CO.UK. 

Where else is Chopstick Styler sold? 
Khols and Amazon (US)

Chopstick Styler is also available to buy in (UK) Boots, Superdrug, PrettyLittleThing, Asda, Sainsburys, The Range, JD Williams, Robert Dyas, Studio, Amazon UK, Amazon EU and (EU) Sephora 

How should I brush the curls out once they have cooled?
We recommend you use either a wide tooth comb or your fingers to brush out / seperate your Chopstick curls.

Do Chopstick Stylers include a heat protective glove?
Yes, all our Chopstick Stylers include a heat protective glove that can be worn on either hand. 

What is the right temperature setting for my hair type?
Fragile / Fine hair - 250°F
Medium / Normal hair - 300°F
Coarse / Thick hair - 380°F+

Can I use the Chopstick Styler on heat damaged hair? 
We recommend not using Chopstick Stylers on seriously damaged hair but if your hair is still in relatively good condition we would advise to out your styler on the lowest heat setting.


I have a complaint who should I contact?
Complaints: help@chopstickstyler.com
Feedback/inquiry: info@chopstickstyler.com


I’d love to collaborate. How do I get in touch?
Yes! We are always on the look out for people to join our Chopstick Styler tribe. 
Email us: info@chopstickstyler.com